EJ Jackson of Jackson Limousine Dies From Massive Heart Attack

Author: Pat Prescott

Sad news this morning for The WAVE family as we hear of the passing of our friend EJ Jackson, founder of Jackson Limousine and the EJ Jackson Foundation, only weeks before his historic Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway.

Jackson Limo has been in business for over thirty years and with all his success, EJ never forgot the days when he was homeless as a young man. Those experiences created a soft spot in his heart for people who are down on their luck.

In 1982, several seniors approached EJ about providing food for Thanksgiving so he purchased 110 turkeys. 34 years later, the event has grown to providing over 12,000 complete Thanksgiving dinners, turkey and all the trimmings, even flowers for the table, giving a helping hand to seniors, the disabled, veterans and really anybody needing a helping hand.

You might not know as much about his Tent Cities Outreach Program. EJ recently bought a beautiful new foundation truck that goes out once a week to serve the tent cities with sandwiches, fruit, bathing towelettes and cases of water to the homeless. This is a man who cared about his community and put his money where his mouth was, even mortgaging his personal properties to keep his charitable efforts alive.

It’s truly an understatement to say he will be missed. We’re still reeling from the news of his death but what better way to honor his memory than to make sure that his efforts continue. We’ll keep you posted on memorial arrangements. In the meantime keep his family, employees and friends in your prayers and consider making a donation to the foundation to keep EJ’s dreams alive.

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