Don’t Miss Tower of Power at The Saban Theater

Author: Bill Dudley

In case you missed Tower of Power earlier this year at The Hollywood Bowl, they are back this Saturday night, December 17, at the Saban Theater.

The group first formed back in 1968 in Oakland. Their first album East Bay Grease featured “Sparkling In The Sand.”

I remember when Back To Oakland came out a few years later, there was a huge sign promoting it at the San Francisco entrance to the Bay Bridge. I still have that poster.

Close to 70 different musicians have been a part of the T/P lineup over the years, including Euge Groove, Greg Adams,Dave Matthews, Mic Gillette, and Lenny Williams. The current lineup features original members Emilio Castillo,Dave Garibaldi, and Rocco Prestia.

I remember when “You’re Still A Young Man” came out, and they blasted the famous T/P horn section at The Fillmore in San Francisco. Marcus Scott is the current vocalist who will give you a beautiful rendition of that one, along with “Time Will Tell,” “So Very Hard To Go,” “What is Hip?” and “Down To The Nightclub.”

The world renowned T/P horn section members have played with Santana,Rod Stewart, Cat Stevens, Larry Graham, and many more great artists. Check out “Tower Of Power” this Sat night at the Saban Theater. Other acts coming soon to the Saban are George Benson, the Spinners, Morris Day & The Time, and Neil Sedaka. Check out the full schedule here.

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