Pam Grier Talks New Streaming Service Brown Sugar, Becoming an Actor and More

Author: Pat Prescott

Pam Grier is a whole lot more than just another pretty face. She’s a pioneering actress and a woman of substance. We were delighted to have her stop by The WAVE to talk about a new Bounce TV streaming service called Brown Sugar, that features classic African American Films including many of Pam’s most popular movies. We talked about Brown Sugar, what Pam is doing now and a whole lot more.

Brown Sugar features some of the programming that has meant so much to the African American community and the community at large. Their data base contains dramas, love stories and comedies from film and television along with special features. The first month of subscription is free and the monthly fee after that is only $3.95. Pam says she spent the Thanksgiving holiday binge watching some of the films on Brown Sugar with her Mom.

Pam has been busy lately. She spends her days grooming and feeding her beloved horses, drinking green tea and working on her farm in Denver, Colorado. While there, she has written four novels, her autobiography and several screenplays. She says she’s having a ball working on her bucket list. Pam says she learned to shoot, hunt and fish from her grandfather, who instilled a lot of confidence in Pam and her siblings. Growing up she always wanted to be a film director so she could document Black history and culture. She says that so-called Black exploitation films were actually an important vehicle for Black actors, writers, directors and technical people.

Pam explained how she became an actor. She was working on becoming a director when she was asked by Roger Corman to be in one of his films. He said she had authenticity. When he said it would pay $600 a week and she was only making $150 a week working three jobs, Pam was in. She worked hard and studied in an effort to be the best actor she could be. Pam tells some great stories about her journey into acting including the one about appearing naked on the Broadway stage.

Pam Grier is a woman of substance who is proud of the things she’s accomplished. The Brown Sugar streaming service from Bounce TV represents a legacy she shares with the actors and filmmakers of the era. She reflects the women’s movement of that time, a symbol of strength and resilience. Her Mom has been her role model throughout her life, an example of the admirable qualities we see in Pam.

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