Culinary Expert Veronica Hendrix Talks Food Network’s ‘Clash of the Grandmas’

Author: Pat Prescott

This is the time of year when families and friends get together to celebrate and what’s a celebration without food? Our morning show culinary expert, Veronica Hendrix, stopped by our studios to offer us three very cool recipes to add a little bit of spice to your holiday menu. She told us about them and a whole lot more, including her first appearance on the Food Network.

Veronica has always been a fan of the Food Network so it was a dream come true for her to get the chance to do a show there when she recently appeared in an episode of Clash of the Grandmas. It’s a cooking competition show that Veronica found out about through an open casting call. The contestants had to create snacks using their grandchildren’s favorite ingredients. Veronica made chicken croquettes with her grandson Eli’s favorite – carrots! She also had to make grits and spicy chicken and a sweet and savory dessert imposter made from sweet potatoes, bacon and sage in a puff pastry.


Pictured upper left are collard greens, upper right ragu with pasta and bottom sweet potato bread pudding. Photos: Veronica Hendrix

Veronica started her popular blog, Collard Greens and Caviar, right after she finished writing the Taste of Soul Cookbook. She believes that every dish has a story and her blog shares those stories along with the recipes. I look forward to her email blasts with new recipe ideas. Her own personal food story started when she was growing up. Her parents migrated to California from the south so they brought along their Southern cooking style but also added a little Southern California flavor.

We asked Veronica to give us a few suggestions for dishes we can add to our holiday tables and she came up with three good ones. She offered a sweet potato and fire roasted tomato ragout to serve over the pasta of your choice, an easy sautéed greens recipe and a wonderful sweet potato bread pudding with a praline topping. We’re including the recipes with the hope that you’ll find something to spark your interest.  Click here for the recipes.

A high blood pressure diagnosis led Veronica to create her own low sodium spice rub. Since then, the Bromont Avenue line of spices has grown and her Red Velvet spices are becoming quite popular. To find out more about Veronica Hendrix, visit

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