Comedian George Wallace talks Las Vegas Residency, Comedy and More

Author: Pat Prescott

We got an unexpected Christmas surprise when comedian George Wallace stopped by our studios with his larger-than-life personality and his infectious positive attitude. We talked about his historic Vegas residency, going to church in LA, practical jokes for the holidays and a whole lot more.

It turns out that George is a long time listener who lived and worked here in LA when the station debuted. He’s been a fan ever since. He is actually a big fan of radio in general and has worked on the air in the past.

We reminisced about when we first met while working at the same broadcasting company in New York. What George likes about radio is being a part of people’s lives when you’re with them day after day. We also took a look at the ingenious ways that George has directed his own career, including creating the most popular 10PM show on the Vegas strip, becoming the only Black headliner in Vegas at the time. George not only did hilarious shows every night, he also did all of his own marketing and advertising. He took home all the money too, by the way.

They don’t call him Crazy GW for nothing. George likes to play practical jokes on his family and friends during the holidays. He gave us a few examples. The secret to his success is that he enjoys what he does as much as his audiences do. We also talked about our new President and how much fun comedians will have in the years to come.

George says he’s not surprised that comedy is so popular today and he predicts that it will get even better. He finds humor in everything in life from weird names to funeral platitudes. George laughs and we laugh along with him.

We both feel blessed to have had two parents to raise us and for George, not only did his parents give him a strong foundation, they also gave him a lot of material for his comedy act. George also showed his love for Stevie Wonder and his annual House Full of Toys Concerts.

George’s new year’s Resolution is to stop cursing. He rarely does that during his comedy routine so we were surprised. George ended with Auld Lang Syne. It would have been awesome if he only knew the words.

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