A Hanukkah Gathering With People of Different Faiths and Backgrounds

Author: Pat Prescott

Had a great time last night at a Hanukkah candle lighting hosted by my friend Barbara Blake. She did a great job of explaining the Jewish traditions and an even better job of making traditional Jewish latkes (we wouldn’t mind having some more of those Barbara).  Thanks to Adam Bookbinder for bringing the jelly doughnuts, another Jewish Hanukkah tradition.

It was a lovely small gathering of people of different faiths and backgrounds. We need to do a lot more of that – teaching each other about our individual cultural traditions. Embracing our differences is a very good way to see that we are all actually very much alike.

Next year we’ll invite Barbara to a Kwanzaa party. By the way today is the third day of Kwanzaa. The principal observed today is Ujima, Swahili for Collective work and responsibility.

When you get a chance visit Barbara Blake’s new and enlightening website www.CitizenPlanet.com where it’s all about global connections through music, art, culture and civilized discourse. You’ll find me there too taking part in the conversation. Hope you’ll join us.

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