Morris Day and The Time to Perform at the Saban Theater

Author: Bill Dudley

R&B legends Morris Day and The Time are at the Saban Theater TONIGHT, January 19!

In high school, in Minneapolis, Morris got good grades from music fans, as he was in a band with both Prince, and Andre Cymone. His mother was the band’s manager of Grand Central, later changed to Champagne.  The great flavor of his music later became The Time, minus Prince, around 1981.

Morris appeared in both of Prince’s feature films Purple Rain, and Graffitti Bridge. While Prince branched out on his own career, also producing Vanity 6/Appolonia 6, Sheila E. and others, Morris also had his own girl band the Day Z’s.

Day tried to retire from the music business in the 1990’s, but just couldn’t do it. The Time has had surprisingly few lineup changes for a group that is now 35 years in. At least 5 longtime members will join Morris Day TONITE at the Saban Theater, “where music meets soul” in Beverly Hills.

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