Pat Prescott Talks With Goodwill’s Janet McCarthy

Author: Pat Prescott

When Janet Mc Carthy’s office called to ask me to work with them on their annual gala a year ago, I thought I knew all about Goodwill.  I found out that there was a lot to learn and it was all good. Now I’m returning to  host their gala again on February 22nd. Janet has been with Goodwill since 1992, back when she also had a lot to learn. Like me, she went on a tour and even though she had donated to Goodwill many times over the years, she wasn’t aware of how much they do to support people in need.

All of the Goodwill operations are autonomous but they all help their local populations get ready for work and get hired. There are 165 Goodwill stores across the country. The 13 in California make up the California Council.  In Long Beach, they moved toward industry sector work, focusing on higher paying jobs in industries that are thriving. The focus in Long Beach is the health sector.  They are now a state certified school that not only conducts classes to get people certified, they also follow them for five years in an effort to help them get a job and advance in their careers.

Goodwill is also helping to keep things out of our landfills.  Janet says that the founder was green long before it was popular. Even though there are items that they cannot accept, where they can, they sell to salvage dealers who break down fibers or other components for resale.

We’ll see many examples of the changes Goodwill Long Beach is making in people’s lives at their annual gala this week.  We hope that you’ll join us and that you will continue to support their efforts through your donations. Visit or, or stop by your local Goodwill store to support an organization that is improving our communities one person at a time.

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