INTERVIEW: Pat Prescott Talks ‘Jewel’s Catch One’ With Jewel Thais-Williams & C. Fitz

Author: Pat Prescott


Jewel’s Catch One is screening as part of Outfest Fusion this Sunday March 5th at 3:30PM at the Egyptian Theater after several SOLD OUT screenings including The Pan African Film Festival, Outfest, UrbanWorld, and London BFI, as well as a recent “Best of Fest” accolade from Palm Springs International Film Festival.

Jewel’s Catch One tells the story of Jewel Thais-Williams and her popular “Jewel’s Catch One” nightclub – often called the Studio 54 of the West.  It was a hub for cutting edge fashion & music for over 42 years in LA before it closed last year.

While Jewel opened her doors to everyone – all races & sexual orientations – the club became a target of racism & homophobia, especially during the AIDS crisis. She even turned her parking lot into a soup kitchen during that time, to make sure people could get care, when so many were being ostracized. Jewel became a civil rights leader, and then ultimately a healer, who has now saved countless lives through her Village Healthcare Foundation.

The documentary has been a labor of love for the last six years for filmmaker C. Fitz, who met Jewel after volunteering to direct a 3 minute short for charity – and realizing there was a much greater story to tell.  The film is narrated by CCH Pounder and features exclusive interviews with Sharon Stone, Evelyn “Champagne” King, Thelma Houston, Sandra Bernhard, Bonnie Pointer, Thea Austin, Jenifer Lewis – and also features footage from Madonna’s 2000 album release party there (she was also rumored to learn to Vogue at the club!).  It, also, of course, features some of the best songs from the disco age.  Jewel’s story celebrates music, fashion, celebrities and activism that helped changed the course of our country.

During a visit to The Wave’s studios, I talked to Jewel and Fitz about making the movie and the tremendous response it has received.  See what all the fuss is about this Sunday at 3:30 at the Egyptian Theater. You can also donate to the documentary by visiting

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