By Sarah Carroll

The grocery store may not seem like the most romantic place in the world, but it turns out it’s a great spot to find love!

The Today Show recently compiled some tips for those of you looking to flirt in the produce aisle. Here’s what you need to know…

  1. Pick the right department: Standing in the checkout line or waiting for the butcher at the deli is a perfect time to introduce yourself. Avoid meet cutes in the hygiene products aisle because, well, ew.

  2. Be approachable: You don’t need to be all dressed up for a trip to Trader Joe’s, but maybe take a shower first if you’re looking for a first date? And don’t forget, it’s all about eye contact and a friendly smile!

  3. Put that phone down: A phone is not your friend. People will be reluctant to approach you if you’re playing Angry Birds while picking out produce.

  4. Pay attention to the little details: Do they have a ring on? Are there diapers in their shopping cart? Those are just a couple clues that MAY mean they’re in a relationship. Looking for someone single? Keep an eye out for someone with just one steak or one piece of chicken.

  5. Be cool, not creepy: The more easy-going you are, the more comfortable a stranger will feel around you.

  6. Strike up a conversation: Dating expert Laurel House offered up a great conversation starter. Notice someone special checking out the broccoli? Open up with: “I cook for myself almost every night, and while I’m great at steak, vegetables are my weakness. How are you planning on preparing that broccoli?”

  7. Close the deal: End your conversation by offering up your phone number or asking if they’d like to get coffee sometime soon.

Click HERE for even more advice about flirting at the grocery store!


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