Bill Dudley Reviews ‘How To Be A Latin Lover’

Author: Bill Dudley

By Bill Dudley

I saw How To Be A Latin Lover over a month ago, at an early screening. Well over 30 days later, I am still laughing. Mexican film star Eugenio Derbez is the funniest man to hit the American screen in years. Backed by Salma Hayek, Rob Lowe, Kristen Bell, TV’s “Alice” Linda Lavin, and the surprisingly ageless Raquel Welch. This film will absolutely take your mind off our troublesome times, for at least for two hours.

The main character, Maximo, is a fatherless young man who has decided he will use his good looks to get him thru life, with much older women supporting him. As the years pass, along with his youthful charm, the women aren’t interested anymore. Maximo now  realizes he may have to get a real job. His younger sister (Salma Hayek) takes him in, and her 10 year old son finds a male role model, albeit a very bad one.

The boy is played by Raphael Alejandro, and he actually steals the show, competing against a very compelling adult cast. The kid is a charming nerd, and quickly bonds with his totally useless irresponsible uncle.

The film’s insatiable humor kicks in very early, in the first scene. There are outrageous stereotypes all thru the film, but they are presented in such a fast hard-hitting ridiculous way, that you don’t have time to really think about them. Putting all the hysterically funny laughs and passion aside, it is the bonding of the boy and the uncle, that really gives the story heart.

How To Be A Latin Lover opens this Friday. Great humor, and excellent performances abound. An excellent way to waste two hours of your life.

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