Pat Prescott Talks With Sax Sensation Grace Kelly

Author: Pat Prescott

By Pat Prescott

Woman Power will be on full display this Friday night when the 2017 season of the Hyatt Regency Newport Beach Concert Series debuts with two incredible female saxophonists.  Young sax sensation Grace Kelly opens for acclaimed Dutch saxophonist Candy Dulfer and this is one show I don’t think you want to miss.

Grace Kelly called in to The WAVE studios to talk about the show this Friday and a whole lot more, including being in the band for Stephen Colbert’s late night show, her hot new album Trying to Figure it Out, and her friendship with Candy.

Check out Candy Dulfer and Grace Kelly this Friday night June 16, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency in Newport Beach. It’s just one of a spectacular list of shows to see there this summer.

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