By Deborah Howell

By Deborah Howell

On  my way to work today, driving and minding my own business on the 10 West, an SUV whipped in front of my car and nearly took me off the road. I was shocked and a little mad–but most of all, deeply relieved that I’d just avoided a horrific accident–we were going 60 mphs plus, and it wouldn’t have been pretty. It was really close.

My first instinct was to catch up with the guy who’d cut me off so dangerously.  I put on some speed…and counted to ten. Then I remembered the quote of the day:

“For every minute you spend being angry, you give up one minute of peace of mind.”

When I caught up and was side by side the other driver, I opted not to give him a rude gesture, but just looked at his face, human to human.  And he stuck his whole arm out of his window and made a gesture of apology.

In turn, I gave him a thumbs up, and drove off with my peace of mind intact.  It was that simple.  He obviously just made a mistake and felt bad about it. I’ve felt great ever since–just not doing the first thing that came to mind–and instead thinking it through and achieving a much better outcome for myself and my fellow driver.

This is why I put these quotations out there on the Wave website….sometimes they’re just nice to read. But other times they can really improve your spirit, and your day!  Let me know if you’ve ever used a quotation to change your behavior that made your day better–I’d love to hear it!





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