By Deborah Howell

By Deborah Howell

First, check out this video, which captures some of the tall-girl struggles you may not be aware of.

Here’s a list of some of the Tallest Female Celebrities:

Taylor Swift – 5’11”

Rebecca Romijn – 5’11”

Maria Sharapova – 6’2″

Tyra Banks – 5’11”

Brooke Shields – 6’0″

Nicole Kidman – 5’11”

Gisele Bundchen – 5’11”

Uma Thurman – 5’11”

OK, so I’m not a movie star, but……Deborah Howell – 5’11”

So, it ain’t all it’s cracked up to be to be blessed with more than your share of height. (Check the video—it’s so accurate that I laughed out loud a bunch of times when watching it.)

I can add to it from experience:

  1. More often than not, when someone steps up to meet you for the first time and to shake your hand, they step on your toes. Not kidding. It’s a thing, and it’s a painful one.
  2.  The shoe thing:  I’ve been told my entire life that a 10 1/2 does not exist because it’s a “skip size.”  So, there are usually no cute size 11’s left even though they’re too big anyway, but we take what we can get…..slim pickings, indeed. We’re sooo envious of our friends who can just take shoes off the rack and they fit perfectly. Sigh.  Maybe some day.
  3. Pants and shorts.  Pants are just too short when you have a 36″ inseam and the “tall” sizes stop at 34″.  So, we’re often stuck with “flood pants.” Shorts don’t work, either, because the rise is too short and they cut us in two, if you know what I mean. They’re made for much shorter girls.
  4. Airplane seats.  I often have to stick my knees up against the seat in front of me because there’s no place else to put them.  Ditto for theatre seats. So un-comfy.
  5. You feel bad at performances when you sit in front of someone shorter than you and you know they have to crane their necks to see around your head.
  6. I’ve had male bosses at least a foot shorter than me, and it’s just plain awkward looking at the top of their head when you’re talking shop with them.
  7.  Always in the back row of photos. Always.
  8.  When they run out of boys in dance class in grade school, they pick the tall girls to be the boys. And we learn to lead in dancing and not follow. lol
  9. You learn the fine art of hunching over in photos without looking like you’re hunching over, so you don’t tower over everyone. (Even from the back row.)
  10. Desks are not built for tall girls. Your knees knock against the top of them. And don’t get me started on low tables like in Japanese restaurants where there is NO place to put your legs.
  11. You get laughed at by spa attendants and bowling shoes personnel because you have to ask for men’s sized shoes, which are always too wide, so you slide around in them like crazy.
  12. Even socks are problematic. There are such things as “extended length socks” but they’re really hard to find and aren’t very cute.
  13. You get exactly ZERO sympathy in this world for having long legs or for being tall.
  14. Sometimes you don’t fit on the table at the doctor’s office or the cot they roll into the hotel room.
  15. We have longer nail beds than normal, so even fake fingernails don’t fit and look stupid on us.

So, do you feel better about maybe not being tall now?  Hope so! Trust me, sometimes being tall is a tall order for having lots of patience and humor. 😉



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