Common Dreams & What They Mean

By Sarah Carroll

Most people dream for about two hours every night, which gives our brains plenty of time to come up with some crazy nightmares!

But what does it all mean?!

Harper’s Bazaar spoke with psychologist Dr. William Braun about some common dreams we all have and their possible significance.

Dream: Falling off a cliff

Meaning: You’re feeling out of control or overwhelmed

Dream: You’re naked in public

Meaning: This could mean you’re feeling vulnerable, but if you’re not embarrassed during your dream, it could mean you want to be “seen, acknowledged, and admired.”

Dream: Your teeth are falling out

Meaning: This may mean you’re dealing with anxiety. It’s also associated with periods of change and transition.

Dream: You’re being chased

Meaning: It’s possible you’re feeling “chased” by a metaphorical monster, like debt or addiction.

Click HERE for even more dream analysis!


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