Arsen Gueleserian is the owner of Arsen’s European Tailoring located in Costa Mesa and since 1981, has been an expert tailor in the Orange County area. Gueleserian said, “When a customer walks in and wants to buy a suit from us, one of the first questions we ask is, what is the purpose for the suit? Is it for business, a wedding or for going out?” This helps him recommend the right style, fabrics, colors and cut. Also, sometimes it’s hard to know if a suit fits like it should. Below, Gueleserian provides five fool-proof tips regarding how to find the right suit for any outing.

(credit: MIKE CLARKE/AFP/Getty Images)

(credit: MIKE CLARKE/AFP/Getty Images)

Choose Natural Fabrics

Picking a suit that is developed with natural fabrics enables more ventilation, especially in the warm Southern California climate. Heavier materials blended with polyester are cheaper but are not as breathable as natural fabrics. Gueleserian recommends buying 7.5- to 8.5-ounce fabrics for optimum comfort. This information may come in handy the next time you attend an outdoor summer event; you will be able to be appropriately dressed without feeling completely uncomfortable in the warm weather.

(credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

(credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Shop For A Suit Cut That Complements Your Body

Everyone has a different body type, so it’s important to look for a suit cut that complements your individual frame. For instance, if you have an athletic body type, then a slim fit or modern fit is a good place to start. Additionally, the shoulders of the suit should be “hugging” you without feeling tight. The shoulders are the most important part of the suit that needs to fit. If the shoulders are too big, the alterations have to be completed by a master tailor. Altering shoulders is one of the most expensive parts to altering a suit, so avoid it if possible.

(credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

(credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Buy Solid Colored Suits

Buying solid-colored suits will enable you to mix and match with a variety of clothing from your closet. Gueleserian highlighted, “Most colors in a wardrobe are charcoal gray and navy. Suits in these colors will work as blank canvases, and it will be easy to wear different colored shirts and ties without being too busy.”

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(credit: istockphoto)

(credit: istockphoto)

Don’t Buy A Suit Just Because Of The Brand Or Label

Some buyers get lost in fashion designers’ names or trendy labels. Gueleserian mentioned, “Many ‘discount’ places sell name brands that are out of style from few years ago. The term ‘slim fit’ is used as a marketing tool; some stores are placing ‘slim fit’ labels on older suits just to sell them quicker.” Gueleserian also added, “The fabric and details are far more important than the labels. For example, pick stitching is a fine detail that makes suits look more interesting and expensive.”

(credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

(credit: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

If Your Budget Permits, Buy A Custom-Made Suit

For those wanting the perfect suit, one should consider going the custom-made route. Custom-made clothes can vary in price depending on the quality of fabric. Gueleserian said, “You will have a large selection of fabrics to choose from and can pick your own lining with your name sewn inside.” Gueleserian also suggests, “Consider hand-made button holes for that extra custom-made look.”

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Stacy Brecht is a professional writer, dancer, marketer and model in the Los Angeles area. Brecht also enjoys traveling, wine, fitness training, volunteering, movies and trying new restaurants. Her work can be found at


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