By Kayla Jardine

“When words fail, music speaks.”

Ash Ruiz, a singer/songwriter and former member of the popular band Menudo living in Boulder, CO., posted a video to Facebook that instantly received accolades. The video, posted last week, shows Ruiz serenading his 98-year-old grandmother, who he calls grandma Jean, to Nat King Cole’s hit, “Unforgettable.”

It was easy to see just how much the show of love meant to her and everyone else. “I am so choked up right now,” wrote one fan. “That was so beautiful.”

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Ruiz posted the video to celebrate his grandmother’s birthday, but chose that specific song for an importantly beautiful reason. He told 1010 WINS that it’s his grandmother’s favorite song and that she taught him how to sing it when he was just eight-years-old.

“We made a deal that I was going to sing her that song every year for birthday,” said Ruiz, “that we were going to sing it together.”

Ruiz, who’s also a successful life coach, continues to be very close with his grandmother. The two share a lot of the same values. “The most important lesson that my grandmother taught me is that there’s always more to be grateful for.”

The singer hopes people who see the video will “run to their grandmothers and grandfathers and let them know all the ways they’ve touched your life, and served as an example.”

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