Kat Graham talks ‘Where is the Money’ with Pat Prescott

Author: Pat Prescott

By Pat Prescott

Need a good laugh? This weekend go check out Where’s The Money. It’s a new comedy starring some people you might know like Mike Epps and Terry Crews and Kat Graham who played Jada Pinkett in the Tupac Shakur biopic All Eyez On Me. I talked to Kat about the movie and the man who stars in it, Andrew Bachelor. Over the last few years Andrew who is better known by “King Bach,” has quickly parlayed being one of the most influential names on the internet (with a total following 45 million fans and growing) to being an in-demand actor, producer, and content creator.


In Where’s the Money, Andrew plays Del, a quick witted and socially conscious young man from South LA whose father and Uncle are in jail for a million dollar robbery. They want Del to go find the money hidden in the wall of a flop house which they soon learn has been renovated and turned into a fraternity house. So Del does what anyone would do; joins the all-white fraternity so he can get inside and find the money.

Where’s the Money opens in limited theaters this Friday October 20th and then four days later will be available on digital HD, DVD and On Demand on October 24th. Listen to my conversation with Kat Graham and watch the trailer for the movie or better yet, check it out this weekend at a theater near you.



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