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Bill Dudley started in radio at age 16 working in Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Sacramento and Eugene, Oregon. He also had a 20 year run owning record stores in Portland for 2 decades. He will soon be back in the business opening a record store in the Southbay area, selling his entire record collection he has been collecting since he was 4 years old. Stay tuned for details.

Bill Dudley Reviews Three Movies: ‘The Post,’ ‘Darkest Hour,’ & ‘Call Me By Your Name’

Even though Bill Dudley has been busy has been working 12-14 hours a day at his new record store, he somehow still found time to see three great new films.

94.7 The WAVE–12/07/2017

Visit Bill Dudley at his new store, Dudley’s Records, in Torrance!

Visit Bill Dudley at his new store, Dudley’s Records, in Torrance with with your old record collection. It may be worth something…

94.7 The WAVE–11/17/2017

Bill Dudley Meets Former Vice President Joe Biden

“I had the pleasure of meeting Joe Biden, and asked about a possible Presidential run for him in 2020…”

94.7 The WAVE–10/26/2017

Author Brian Clune To Appear At Sandpiper Books In Torrance

Author Brian Clune will appear at Sandpiper Books in his hometown of Torrance this Friday night at 6pm, (Friday The 13th), for a unique book signing. 

94.7 The WAVE–10/12/2017

Greg Mack Talks With Judge Lauren Lake

Greg Mack interviews Judge Lauren Lake.

94.7 The WAVE–10/11/2017

Labor Day: Celebrate Music In Many Different Ways

Looking for a musical adventure this Labor day weekend ?  You have many choices!

94.7 The WAVE–09/01/2017

Baby Driver: Best of 2017?

A rather unusual film opened last weekend to a fairly big box office. ‘Baby Driver’ is also by far the most interesting and memorable film of 2017.

94.7 The WAVE–07/06/2017

Summer Nights at The Hollywood Bowl

Summer is here and it’s time to spend some hot summer nights amid the chill of the Hollywood Bowl. The summer kicks off this weekend with a band that has been on the American music scene since 1965, The Moody Blues.

94.7 The WAVE–06/16/2017

The Beatles Most Famous Album Turns 50

50 years ago the Beatles recorded their most iconic album, ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.’

94.7 The WAVE–05/04/2017

American Soul in a British band: The Zombies: 50 Years On

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame really blew it this year, with the glaring omission of the Zombies.

94.7 The WAVE–05/01/2017

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