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Check Out “My Happy Place” In DTLA!

With all the sadness in the world wouldn’t it be awesome to go somewhere and get happy? “My Happy Place” is now in DTLA!

94.7 The WAVE–11/16/2017

Guilt Free Ham And Bacon? It’s True!

Nestlé has you covered!

94.7 The WAVE–09/11/2017

Labor Day Weekend Trip Planning Tips

Are you planning a trip this weekend for Labor Day? Check out these useful tips!

94.7 The WAVE–08/31/2017

Remembering Princess Diana, 20 Years Later

It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years already since the tragic day Princess Diana was killed in a Paris car crash.

94.7 The WAVE–08/31/2017

The Zuckerbergs Announce The Birth Of Their Second Child With A Touching Letter

Mark Zuckerberg took time with his wife to write a letter to their newborn daughter named August about enjoying childhood and the value of playing outdoors.

94.7 The WAVE–08/29/2017

Little Boy Able To Save His Brother Thanks In Part To A Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Movie!

Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson was touched by the story of a little boy who used what he remembered from one of Johnson’s movies to save his little brother.

94.7 The WAVE–08/28/2017

Maggie McKay Saw Savion Glover Perform, And She Was Blown Away!

Whether you’re into tap dancing or not, if you EVER get a chance to see Savion Glover  perform… RUN don’t walk to wherever he’s performing!

94.7 The WAVE–07/20/2017

Today Is National Loving Day!

Today is National Loving Day and if you aren’t familiar with it, you want to read more.

94.7 The WAVE–06/13/2017

10-Year Old Donates Thousands Of Comic Books To Military Base

10-Year Old Donates Thousands Of Comic Books To Military Base. Find out how he got them all!

94.7 The WAVE–05/11/2017

50 Years Ago the First Woman Ran In the Boston Marathon

50 years ago a woman was attacked on the Boston Marathon route for…wait for it…


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