Music legend Smokey Robinson stopped by the studio to talk "Christmas Everyday" with Pat Prescott and Jennifer York

December 22, 2017
By Pat Prescott Smokey Robinson is a music legend.  It's hard to believe that he is just now releasing his first solo Christmas project.  It's called "Christmas Everyday" and Smokey hand delivered a copy to the Wave's Studios, hung out with us on the morning show and then stuck around for an intimate, informal chat with me and Jennifer York. Listen in and check out Smokey's new release.  He promises another new album in 2018.  You can believe we'll bring him back for that.   [cbs-clip-player content_id={aeee1a68-43fc-4d0f-bbf9-a851012e90af} size=large station=15]   [cbs-clip-player content_id={0af5be98-c5cb-4d78-80eb-a851013023fd} size=large station=15]   [cbs-clip-player content_id={c2ed52ec-598b-4e06-9876-a851013063f9} size=large station=15]