Could Caitlyn Jenner Be on the Ballot With Kanye West in November?

2020 just won't stop

July 17, 2020

If Kanye West continues with his presidential bid, don’t be surprised if he tries to make it a family affair.

Yesterday, it was revealed that Kanye had officially filed the necessary “Statement of Organization” and “Statement of Candidacy” paperwork with the Federal Election Commission and has qualified to appear on Oklahoma’s presidential ballot.

Now, he’s had people reaching out to be his running mate including members of his own family. In an interview with TMZ, Caityln Jenner said she texted Kanye and offered to be his Vice President.

Jenner was asked if she was planning on voting for Kanye now that he’s running for president and replied, “oh I texted him and said ‘can I be your VP?’ What a combination!”

When asked if she was actually going to go through with it, Jenner said, “we’ll see.”

West had already indicated he’s chosen Wyoming preacher Michelle Tidball to be his running mate in the 2020 election. Additionally, Kanye said he would bring on his wife Kim Kardashian West and Tesla CEO Elon Musk to be advisors to his campaign.

Musk has had on again off again support for Kanye’s presidential run ever since he announced it on the Fourth of July. Most recently, Musk appears to be back on the Kanye 2020 train.

After his lengthy interview with Forbes, where West announced he was done with Donald Trump, Musk rescinded his support. Now, in an interview with Page Six, Musk says “Kanye explained afterward some of the reasoning behind why he said what he said. It makes more sense than many people, including me, realized.”

However, he did admit it’d be better for Kanye to run in 2024 rather than 2020. Regardless, the bromance between the two is very real.

West hasn’t given any public statement since Jenner’s comments were made. Could it really be any more 2020 than having a Kanye West/Caitlyn Jenner presidential run on the Birthday Party ticket though?

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