Taylor Swift Reveals 'The Archer' as the Latest Song From 'Lover'

The all-important track 5 from her upcoming album

July 23, 2019

On Monday, Taylor Swift set a date for some news she is “reeeeeally excited” to share.

The singer posted a clip of the Number 5 bullseye from her “You Need To Calm Down” video, calling the image an easter egg and promising to reveal the details during an Instagram Live at 5 PM EST on Tuesday afternoon.

Immediately Swifties sprung into detective mode, piecing together the clues. But before they could completely unravel the mystery themselves, it appears Apple Music might have done it for them.

On Tuesday morning, the site revealed that Track 5 on Swift’s upcoming album, Lover, is called “The Archer”, which makes sense given the image in question. Swift confirmed the title and released the song later in the day after another Instagram Live.

Taylor Swift on Apple Music
Photo credit Apple Music

Swift also confirmed that "The Archer" is one of several songs she worked on with Jack Antonoff for Lover. The song is the first of the era to feature the longtime collaborator, following previous singles “ME!” and “You Need To Calm Down.”

As Swifties know, the 5th song on a Taylor Swift album is usually a deep and emotional affair, so "The Archer" could be key to what Lover is all about.

Lover is the seventh studio album from Taylor Swift and it arrives on August 23rd. The 18-track album she describes as "very romantic", will also be available in four different deluxe editions at Target.

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