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17 Best Instagrammable Places in LA

We all love a good Instagram photo, but what makes it special is where the photo was taken! When you don't know where to take your family and friends who are visiting from out of town or you're just out on the town and needing a new profile pic, a good photo spot can do the trick! So we've made it... Read More

Latin History for Morons, A Theater Review By Keri Tombazian

It is a joy when, on any given opening night, the Ahmanson Theatre is packed. And so it was for the much-anticipated opening night of Latin History for Morons—the air crackling with excitement as subscribers, fans, celebrities, and reviewers found their seats. Long before his accomplished body of... Read More

DW3 Joins Pat Prescott and Discusses Their Musical Journey

The incredible LA-based, R&B band, DW3 joined Pat Prescott this morning to fill us in on their musical journey and their climb to the top! DW3 talks about the magic that comes from going on an international tour together, and how they have built a strong fan base from listeners all over the... Read More

All Of the National Holiday's of September You Should Know About

There's all kinds of wacky days throughout the year, how can you keep up? We've made it easy for you to stay on top of the national days for the month of September! Check it out! 9/1 National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day 9/2 National Blueberry Popsicle Day 9/4 National Macadamia Nut Day National... Read More

Little Shop of Horrors is Back at The Pasadena Playhouse

It's been a while, 30 years in fact since Little Shop of Horrors came on the scene and now there's a slightly more up to date version coming to The Pasadena Playhouse. Maggie McKay gets the latest from George Salazar hot off Broadway (Be More Chill) starring in Little Shop as Seymour. To see what... Read More

Maggie McKay reviews Witch at The Geffen

Witch is both funny and thought provoking. The new play is written by Jen Silverman, inspired by The Witch of Edmonton by Rowley, Dekker and Ford. It's about what would happen if the devil (who happens to be a handsome young man, not a red horned scary devil) arrived in a small village offering the... Read More