4 Safe Burglar Deterrents

By Mario McKellop

May 11, 2018

As the Los Angeles Times recently reported, robbery rates have gone up by 16.8% from 2015 to 2016. Homeowners living in the area would be wise to consider improving their home security. However, residents should avoid in investing in security measures that won’t actually make their homes any safer. For example, a recent NBC News investigation found that things like leaving your lights when you’re not home or posting a fake security system sign won’t discourage a motivated intruder. Instead, consider investing in these four burglar deterrents that will actually keep your family safe.

After interviewing 86 different convicted burglars, one report found that having a pet dog on the premises can help prevent intruders. The potential of discovery as a result of excessive barking or physical attack was found to be a very effective deterrent for most burglars. However, it should be noted that large, imposing breeds of dogs are seen as more of a deal breaker than smaller dogs.

Security doors
According to the National Council for Home Safety and Security, one of the most common ways burglars break into a home is simply by kicking in an entry door. As such, homeowners should consider investing in some quality security doors. The Crimsafe security doors made by Wynstan USA have been designed and certified to resist intruders using blunt instruments, edged weapons, and even repeated impact attacks.

Security cameras
A recent Guardian report on burglaries found that closed-circuit security cameras positioned on the exterior of the home will cause most intruders to look for a more vulnerable target to attack. The report also revealed that CCTV cameras are effective at warding off potential car thieves.

Security screens   
Security screens are also a highly effective burglar deterrent. Home invaders like to break into an unsecured entry point like a window, take what they want, and escape without ever being detected. The time required to bypass a security screen would significantly increase the time it takes an intruder to break into a home, making it not worth the risk. Additionally, purchasing a Crimsafe security screen made with 304 Grade Stainless Steel that can’t be cut, torn away, or kicked in, would be effective at stopping a thief who came equipped with tools like a knife or baseball.

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