Beatles-Inspired Play Makes Its American Debut at Hollywood Fringe Fest

June 4, 2019

94.7 The WAVE host Dave Caprita sat down with Trevor Boelter, writer/producer of the Beatles-inspired play "And Now It's All This," to talk about its American debut at the Hollywood Fringe Fest this month.

“And Now It’s All This!” follows John Lennon during the height of Beatlemania in 1966 when he made his infamous quote that “the Beatles were bigger than Jesus.” From the moment John says these words, we see him and the Beatles manager, Brian Epstein grappling with the fallout with the American Press; with the burning of Beatles records and the numerous death threats to every member of the group. Should John be forced to apologize for mere words that he believes are a fact? And if he doesn’t, what then? In this present day where celebrities apologize almost daily for their thoughts on social media – “And Now It’s All This!” captures a moment in history when a Beatle turned from lovable moptop to that legendary peacenik and activist that the world grew to love and respect.