2019 Top Trends For the Big Game In Atlanta

January 24, 2019

It’s finally decided: this year’s epic matchup is between the Rams and the Patriots, so it’s time to get ready for the biggest sporting event of the year-–that HUGE game in Atlanta between the NFL’s top two teams. Here’s some fun facts about the pigskin party of the year. First off, the average American consumer will spend about $50 on food and alcohol this year. When you add up all of us in the 50 states, that’s a chunk of change!

Now for California’s 2019 Top S-Bowl Trends:

  • When choosing a venue to watch the big game, TV size and sound quality are far less important for Californians. The people is the number one criteria (35%) followed by the food (22%). 
  • California's favorite Super Bowl food is guacamole.
  • California men are mostly interested in the football game (53%). Women, however, prefer the Halftime show.*

*I take issue with this one. I’m way more interested in the game. and so is every woman I know! We demand a re-count!

  • Nationwide, beer reigns as the game-viewing drink of choice among viewers. But not in California. Soda is the top pick (28%), followed by water (24%).

Really? Water? Am I missing something here? “Welcome to my festive football party! I’m serving guacamole and…. .water.” Hmmmmmmmmm.

And one final thing: The average resale price of a ticket (ONE) to this
year’s Bowl #53 is…..$5,239.00. And then you’d have to go to the game by
yourself unless you want to put up another 5 grand for your date. Hmmmm

All I know is, yes, the Patriots are fierce—but we and the Rams have the
magic of a 57 yard field goal in overtime going on.

GO RAMS! We Believe!

See the full survey results here: Favorite Big Bowl 2019 Foods & Top Trends