Help Deborah Howell Name Her New "Friend"

February 27, 2018

Hey, Wave Family!   I've missed you much, as Janet Jackson once said.  But I've been busy out here with a Home Depot project in my shoulder, and now I need your help.

Rather than bemoan the fact that I now have an alien presence in my being, I'd like to grow fond of the cute little steel centipede that's now riding my shoulder.  Like a 4 inch pal, headed away from my ribcage toward his next cocktail.  He's kind of cute, don't you think?  As shoulder centipedes go. Or maybe it's a she...?  

Let's give this intruder a fun name so when he's acting up and causing pain, I can admonish him/her/it  properly, by name.

You guys are creative.  Let's DO this!

________________________  (your name idea here)

Thanks, and "see you on the radio" this Thursday!