Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, George Clinton Joins Deborah Howell and Reveals his Favorite Musician and Songs

Listen as Clinton also Reveals Whose Playing Him In an Upcoming Film About The Life of Neil Bogart

August 1, 2019

As George Clinton sits down with our very own Deborah Howell, he reveals his favorite thing to eat, his favorite movie, his favorite musical artist, and his favorite place on earth! The two also talked about his writing for cartoon characters Mr. Wiggles and Sir Nose, and his role as King Quincy in Trolls 2, which hits theatres in April of 2020. But most importantly Clinton reveals that none other than Samuel L. Jackson will be playing the part of George Clinton in his younger days of "The Mothership" in an upcoming film about the life of Neil Bogart, the man who helped launch the careers of Donna Summers, Kiss, and Parliament.

And finally, Clinton share details with Deborah about his very last upcoming show at the Greek Theater this weekend!