STOMP Slays At The Pantages

April 25, 2018

If someone handed you a plastic grocery bag, a newspaper and a grocery cart, could you entertain a large Hollywood theatre for two hours straight? Yeah, I surely couldn’t either, but the cast of STOMP did exactly that—and more.

Using everyday objects as percussive instruments, this utterly talented crew transformed the ordinary into the truly extraordinary before our eyes and ears. Each character had a unique identity—one more endearing and engaging than the next—and communicated brilliantly with each other and the audience in a slick and sonic way. 

I first saw the legendary show STOMP in New York about 14 years ago and remembered enjoying it—but now, I can say I truly adore the refreshing and exhilarating experience currently running at The Pantages and really want you to get there if you possibly can. What I’d forgotten is just how clever and how funny the show is.  You begin to think that this cast can do anything with anything—while keep you laughing all the way. The return of the percussive hit also brings some new surprises, with some sections of the show now updated and restructured and the addition of two new full-scale routines, using props like tractor tire inner tubes and paint cans. Powerful!

You’ll feel alive and electric as you witness the tremendous athleticism and passion on display, and the rhythms will run through you for days after seeing Stomp. It’s a true delight for all ages.  I’m usually a little reluctant to engage in audience participation, but if the cast of Stomp asked me to jump off a bridge after all they gave last night for two hours straight—I’d do it.   They’re that charismatic. Small wonder their opening number, “Brooms”, was nominated for an Academy Award and was also selected for screening at Robert Redford’s Sundance Festival--and for competition at the Cannes Film Festival.

More recently,  the largest ever assembly of Stomp performers  (40 performers from 12 different countries) were brought together for a specially choreographed appearance in the August closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics—and absolutely stunned the international crowd.

And now these olympic performances are just a phone call or a click away at The Hollywood Pantages Theatre.  Give yourself the treat of a lifetime, and bounce on over. And get ready to become a percussive instrument yourself!  Grade:  A + +

Hurry to get tickets, as STOMP is only playing until April 29th.  

Details at   866-755-2929.