The Top Million Reasons I'm Grateful To Live in LA!

April 11, 2018

Photo by Earl Wilson


Today my friends in New York City woke up to the unhappy news that on this 100th day of 2018--a day that should be bursting with spring daffodils--that it was going to snow. Again. OMG, are you kidding me?

On this day last year in Manhattan, it was 74 degrees and Central Park was filled to the brim with rollerbladers, bikers, and runners....and cabin fevered dogs and their owners were breathing a sigh of relief to not have to bundle up just to take a small but necessary walk.

I was a New Yorker for 23 years until Pat Prescott beat some sense into me and told me to move west. And since that day, I've not missed the following one tiny bit: slippery sidewalks brown and yellow snow shoveling carrying around extra warm clothes in a backpack all day and night waiting in heels at midnight in 10 degree weather for a taxi that never comes coming in from the freezing cold into a steaming hot forced-air restaurant or office building and immediately beginning to sweat, which later turned into icicles when you went back outside again everyone has the flu, and they're only too happy to give it to you sneezers on the subways services changes on buses, trains and subways that occur out of the blue and make you late trying to find a restroom and then when you finally do, peeling off 7 layers of clothing with no place to hang them forgetting your little pack of Kleenex when you really, really need it over-buying and then schlepping 6 plastic bags of groceries on each wrist up three flights of stairs to your apartment because you don't want to go out any time soon to get more Need I go on?

The only upside for my friends in New York today is that the freezing cold will keep the pollen at bay for a little longer than usual. And that's something.....I guess. lol, Thank you eternally and forever, Pat Prescott, for incentivizing me to slip and slide outta Manhattan and head west to the land of surfboards and eternal sunshine. Where all we have to worry about is earthquakes. And mudslides....oh, but that's another blog entirely!