Travel Tips from Deborah Howell: The Key To Safety

May 8, 2018

We all know to be diligent about keeping a close eye on our cell phones and credit cards when we’re in public in our home towns as well as in our travels. All a person needs to do is stand close to us on an elevator to steal the information from the credit cards in our wallets. Yikes!

Well, now thieves have another tool in their toolkit and it’s a most unwelcome one. The technology is now out there that allows thieves to create a physical copy of your keys after sneaking a picture of them.  Yep, a photo is all they need in order to go make fully working copies of most if not all of the keys on your key chain.  I know, that blows. 

So, be extra careful about not throwing your keys down on your desk, a restaurant table or anywhere people can see them and you’ll stay free of trouble.​ (source)