How A Keyless Exit System Can Keep Your Family Safe

By Mario McKellop

May 10, 2018

If you are a Los Angeles area homeowner, you may have mixed feelings about improving your home’s security. You want to make your home more secure, but you don’t want to create a situation where you and your family can’t quickly escape in case of an emergency - like trying to break through ugly iron bars from the inside. Thankfully, Wynstan USA has a home security solution that addresses both concerns: The Crimsafe Safe-S-Cape keyless exit system.

What is the Crimsafe Safe-S-Cape?
The Crimsafe Safe-S-Cape is a keyless security screen that offers a high degree of protection against home invaders while also allowing for expedient evacuation of the home in the event of an emergency. It’s made up a Tensile-Tuff mesh screen, a serrated aluminum frame, and hinges that can be made to swing inward or outward with the touch of a button. As such, you can make your home extremely difficult to penetrate from the outside while also ensuring it’s easy to escape from the inside.

How good is the Crimsafe Safe-S-Cape at keeping burglars out?
Like all Crimsafe screens, the Safe-S-Cape is made of Tensile-Tuff 304 Grade Stainless Steel Mesh. This mesh is made of stainless steel strands that are 0.9 mm thick, making it 26.5% thicker in the cross-section than industry standard. Though that subtle difference isn’t noticeable to the naked eye, it gives these screens a degree of durability that will stand up to multiple dynamic impacts from common burglary tools like baseball bats and knives. The Safe-S-Cape is also secured with a security mesh-clamp system that holds the Tensile-Tuff screens in place with a vice grip so that it can’t be kicked in, torn away or pried loose.

How easy is it to open the Safe-S-Cape in case of emergency?
The Safe-S-Cape security screen system comes with hinges that are suitable for a range of spaces and can be opened inward or outward with the press of a button. With its unique keyless design, the Safe-S-Cape allows for much faster home evacuation than windows that are secured with burglar bars or keyed security grilles. And in the event of a home fire or break-in, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can get out of your house at a moment’s notice.

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