Maggie McKay Reviews The Geffen's Production of Skintight

September 25, 2019

   Skintight at the Geffen Playhouse in Westwood is funny and sad, heavy and light but most of all original.  Playwright Joshua Harmon says he wanted to write a play about youth while he was still technically young. When he started the play he was in his 20's. it's about a family who has everything but is still searching for happiness and love. Harmon describes the family in the play as a multigenerational queer Jewish family, not something he had seen before and he wanted to so he wrote it.  

Idina Menzel plays Jodi a divorced woman beside herself because her ex-husband is engaged to a much younger woman. She's got a lot of energy and plays the part of the meddling daughter and doting mother wonderfully. Her son played BRILLIANTLY by Eli Gelb as Benjamin is a gay, entitled college student who is HILARIOUS in a very subtle way, his expressions are priceless. At BootcampLA where I work out, when talking about the play, the first thing everyone brings up is Trey, played by Will Brittain, he's the much younger boyfriend of the patriarch of the family who came out years after having a family with a woman. To say Brittain is in shape is an understatement, not only is there zero fat on his chisled physique, his delivery is also very funny.  Although there are a lot of laughs Skintight is dealing with the basic question of how to age gracefully when our culture is so obsessed with youth. If you think your family is dysfunctional you may feel better after you see this group. Skintight was commissioned by and premiered at Roundabout Theatre Company and has been extended through October 12th. For more information and tickets go to .