Women Empowered 'Passage' Shines at Golden State Film Fest

March 28, 2019

This week the TCL Chinese 6 Theatres in Hollywood debuted numerous independent works at the 2019 Golden State Film Festival.

My friend, actress, and star Julia Parker, along with co-producers Linda Palmer and Krisd Mauga were there to host their cast, crew, and supporters at a 10 AM showing of ‘Passage’ which coincided with thousands of L.A. MARATHON runners just outside on Hollywood Boulevard!

Finding a way to Hollywood and Highland through traffic and street closures was a challenge, yet we made it in time for the red carpet and pictures. 

By showtime, the large stadium theater was quite full.

‘Passage’ is a warm and wonderful tale of generations and dreams with laughs between the tears, you know, like life.  A single mother is conflicted by her dream to perform against the realities of supporting her daughter (Kruiz Mauga) day-to-day.  A beloved pet leaves a lesson as legacy, and the matriarch played by Ellen Gerstein gives the love and the wisdom of her experience, just waiting to be accepted.

This production is almost entirely powered by women.  Other women who have the passion to produce theatrical releases should be encouraged by ‘Passage.’

We learned that ‘Passage’ and other Golden State Film features are produced under SAG-AFTRA Low and Ultra Low Budget agreements. So, you can fuel your production with professional talent, too!

Here’s the ‘Passage’ trailer:


Hopefully, we’ll have more festivals showing ‘Passage’ soon.