You're Hurting, And We Are Listening

Pat Prescott leads an open forum discussion about the death of George Floyd and racism in America

May 30, 2020

After the racially charged murder of George Floyd occurred in Minneapolis on Monday, May 25th, 2020, we are hurting, we are angry, and we are looking to take action during a time when that nation is also trying to recover from a global pandemic. However, it's important to point out that racism in this country is also just as insidious as a pandemic. 

How many Black lives have to be taken before something is done? We honor those lost and pledge to fight for justice. #BlackLivesMatter

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 America is attempting to come together to call out racism, unjust police brutality, recognize that it is imperative to support black lives, and put an end to white supremacy in our nation.

still can’t find the words to full express how i feel. it has been harder than ever as a black queer person that works in media and lives in a country that sees my skin color has a threat. This is no longer black people’s conversation to have, it’s up to white people to fix this. I’ve noticed a lot of my white friends & these white influencers that have been silent and just know it’s personal at this point. Please take the time out to donate to funds like the @mnfreedomfund! Enough is enough and our voice will be heard. To my black brothers, sisters, trans and gender non-conforming folx, i love you. #BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloyd #BreannaTaylor #TonyMcdade

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Listen as 94.7 the WAVE's Pat Prescott, 97.1 AMP Radio's Yesi Ortiz, and CHANNEL Q's AJ Gibson and Ryan Mitchell come together to lead our community in an open forum discussion on how we can all lead change and move our country forward. Our panel also includes AJ Gibson's partner, Emilie Ennis Jr., who shares insight on his own experiences growing up as a black man in Atlanta. 

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#Repost @947thewave with @make_repost ・・・ Join @prescott947, @yesiortiz (@971amp), @theslaygawd and @_AJGibson (@wearechannelq) now for an open forum to discuss the events around the #GeorgeFloyd tragedy. Listen here:

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For resources on how you can get involved and where to donate please click here.

to white people and non-black POC: this reminder can no longer be gentle. black people should not have to teach anybody to not repost traumatic and triggering content! we have a lot to learn and we have to move forward in action! i’ve compiled small lists of resources to donate to and learn from. i have tagged the creators and organisations that i could find on instagram, otherwise the links will be in my stories and highlights. [edit: 1. please do not pay me, pay the money that you have forward to @mnfreedomfund or any bail out funds right now. there’s a lot of protesting happening which can put folks at risk of arrest. i will further list them in my stories and highlights 2. do not donate to, it has come to my attention that they do not send money to the source. i have looked everywhere for relief funds and mutual aid created by family and friends of breonna taylor. if anybody has found any please please share with me. 3. my language that says “black people are not obligated to teach us to care for them” does not imply that black people cannot take care of themselves. my intention was to convey that nonblack people should NOT be asking black people to do emotional labour to explain why there shouldn’t be reposting of re-traumatising imagery, or how to show care. i should have used better wording and i apologise. 4. i made a typo on ahmaud arbery’s name. autocorrect on my computer but that is no excuse and i should have triple checked. it is important to make sure we get names right. please continue donating to the fund created by his brother and NOT from shaun king. that is the only official justice fund for him. 5. white supremacists are not welcome here. if you say some shit you will be blocked.>

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