Listen To Pat Prescotts Conversation with Daphne Maxwell Reid

March 5, 2018

By Pat Prescott

I have wanted to meet Daphne Maxwell Reid for quite some time.  You see, though we never met, we have an awful lot in common. We both have ties to the state of Virginia and we both attended Northwestern University in Illinois (Daphne was actually Northwestern’s first Black homecoming queen). Daphne was part of a peaceful sit in that set the stage for students like me to have African American Studies and professors as well as general sensitivity to the issues of African American students in a predominantly white university. She went on from college (along with her husband actor and producer Tim Reid) to pursue a career in acting, appearing in numerous television programs.  She is probably best known for playing the role of Vivian Banks during the last three seasons of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Today Daphne lives with her husband Tim in Virginia where she has recently turned to her lifelong passions for fashion and photography.  I finally got to talk to Daphne just recently and caught up on her fashion line, Daphne Style, her popular photography books and her other creative projects. It was well worth the wait!

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