Pat Prescott's Touching Tribute to Bill Withers

We listen back on interviews with Withers just as he was being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

April 13, 2020

We are looking back on some of our favorite moments with #BillWithers. Use our #linkinbio to listen to @prescott947’s touching tribute to Withers------

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I had a wonderful conversation with Bill Wither and his singer-songwriter daughter Kori right around the time he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Kori talked about when she realized that her Daddy was a really famous man. 

​Even though Bill stopped performing a long time ago, his music lives on not only through the great recordings he made but also through the many young artists who have embraced and sampled his music over the years. He appreciated it all. 

Bill Withers was not only one of the greatest songwriters that ever lived he was also a really funny guy. I used to tell him if he ever got tired of being a musician he should be a comedian. Even though he eventually retired from performing he never retired from being funny. 

Here is Bill Withers playing a prank on the USC football team. 

Bill Withers is an icon for a ton of reasons. The songs he wrote that spoke our feelings much better than we could have ever done ourselves. His soulful renditions of those songs (and I highly recommend that you go online and experience some of the lesser know songs in his catalog like "Can We Pretend" and "I Can't Write left-Handed" and "Hello Like Before"). See some of his live performances, especially the Carnegie Hall Concert. because Bill Withers brought soul and authenticity to everything he ever did. And rest assured it meant a lot to him that we love his music as much as we do.