Smokey Robinson Gives Us the Inside Scoop About His Groundbreaking Showtime Documentary and His Work on Music Collaboration with Anderson Paak

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September 17, 2019

Smokey Robinson joins Pat Prescott on the SoCal Honda Sound Stage and not only shares with us about his incredibly rich music career, but also gives us the inside scoop about his groundbreaking Showtime documentary " Hitsville: The Making of Motown". Robinson dives into what it was like during his Motown days and shares bits and pieces about his relationship with Barry Gordy.

Robinson also covers what it's like to work with modern-day rapper, singer/ song-writer Anderson Paak. The two collaborated on the song, "Make It Better" which is off Paak's 2019 album, Ventura

Robinson's music has transcended generations and has inspired so many current artists. Robinson states that he's tried to retire, but just can't! Robinson proclaims to Pat, "I am the George Burns of this [generation>" 

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