Pat Prescott Gives You The Best For Tips For Watching The Big Game

Are You Ready for The LSU/ Alabama Game This Weekend!?

November 6, 2019

With the BIG LSU/ Alabama game coming up this weekend and football season in full swing, we turned to our Morning Show host and resident sports fanatic, Pat Prescott, for all the best big game day tips! From delicious snack recipes to sharing family traditions to chicken wing recommendations, Pat is bringing you all the game-day wisdom you need this season! 

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94.7 The WAVE: What are your go-to spots in Los Angeles to watch an exciting game?

Pat Prescott: As much as I hate to admit it, my favorite place to watch sports is at home! There’s no parking required, never a line for the bathroom and the drinks and food are delicious and really affordable! That being said, sometimes you do want to hang with a bunch of other fans and not have to cook or clean up. That’s when you get a group of friends gathered and head to Buffalo Wild Wings or the ESPN Sports Zone to watch together. It’s always the most fun when there’s a friendly competition or even a wager!

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WAVE: What makes each of these locations special? Is it the atmosphere? Unique drinks? An exciting vibe? Or just amazing snacks?

Pat: The main ingredients for the perfect game-watching spot are to have a lot of big-screen TVs showing a variety of games, good drinks, and chicken wings. Hard to imagine watching sports without wings....and really good guacamole is a plus too.


WAVE: Snacks of choice?

Pat: Chicken wings! Fried or teriyaki preferably, but have you had the mango-habanero wings from Ralph’s? Yummy!


WAVE: Beverage of choice?

Pat: Vodka and tonic with a wedge of lime


WAVE: Pick one: Wings or sliders?

Pat: Wings! (How many times do I have to tell you? ) LOL! 


WAVE: If you could bring anyone to watch a game with you who would it be?

Pat: Oprah! One of my life goals is to meet and hang out with her. I’ll watch whatever she wants to watch! 

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WAVE: If you’re watching at home do you have any special routines or any must-have snacks?

Pat: I do make a lovely clam dip, and fried chicken is a family specialty. We usually watch about 20 minutes after the game starts so we can fast forward when we want to. We usually catch up to real-time before the game is over. We have NFL Sunday Ticket, so in one room we have the game mix on and in the other room, we have my favorite, the Red Zone Channel. That’s where I get to see touchdowns in every game. I love it!


WAVE: Can you share your clam dip recipe with us?

Pat: To make my clam dip just use a pint of sour cream, half a lemon, Old Bay Seafood seasoning and 2 cans of minced clams. You’ll love it with Lightly Salted Lays. At least I do!

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WAVE: What do you like most about gathering together to watch a big game?

Pat: Talking smack! It’s always fun unless your team is losing.  My friends and family are also in a football poll where we get to trash talk back and forth all week long. Next month I’m having some of my pool friends over so we can do it in person instead of through group texts. And yes, I will be frying chicken wings and making the clam dip!


WAVE: Where can people likely find you during the biggest game of all, The Super Bowl?!

Pat: The Super Bowl is sacred! It’s got to be a really awesome party to get me to leave my house on Super Bowl Sunday. Shout out to Aaron Walton at Walton Isaacson who had the best Super Bowl party I’ve ever attended! This party was thrown the year the Eagles beat the Patriots. I loved that game because I hate the Patriots! But more than likely, on that special day, I’ll be on the couch with no shoes on, ready for some football!


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