What Are The Features Of Crimsafe Mesh And How Can It Protect My Home?

By Mario McKellop

May 11, 2018

The Los Angeles Times recently reported that property crime went up for the third straight year, with several LA-area neighborhoods suffering a double-digit increase in burglaries. As such, homeowners in the area should consider improving their home security by reinforcing their houses’ most vulnerable entry points with Wynstan USA’s Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff Mesh Security Screens.

What are security screens?

Security screens are thin but powerful metal screens that are installed in front of windows and doors to make them harder to break into. While security screens are commonly associated with the ugly wrought iron burglar bars and reinforced security doors used in jewelry stores, Crimsafe’s screens offer a high degree of protection against intruders without compromising your home’s curb appeal.

What makes Crimsafe’s security screens unique?

As opposed to lower quality products sold by other companies, Crimesafe’s security screens are made of 304 Grade Stainless Steel Mesh. That means they are extremely resistant to repeated dynamic impact and edged weapon attacks. And because of the Crimsafe’s patented clamp system, which sandwiches Tensile-Tuff mesh between two pieces of serrated aluminum, the screen can’t be torn away, kicked in or pried loose. Crimsafe’s screens are treated with corrosion resistant additives, so they are incredibly easy to clean and have an approximate lifespan of 65 years.

Crimsafe’s security screens protect against natural hazards

In addition to offering a high degree of perfection against home invaders, Crimsafe’s security screens can also protect your family and possessions from certain natural hazards. Crimsafe’s mesh consists of strands that are 0.9 mm thick, which is 0.1 mm thicker than industry standard. As a result, it can stand up to hailstorms and windswept debris that would otherwise cause expensive window damage. And as Crimsafe mesh has an aperture (opening) size of 1.5mm x 1.5mm, it can keep wildfire season burning debris out of your home.

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