Mike Sakellarides

MIKE SAKELLARIDES has entertained and informed Southern California for a long time including his daily show where he led the ratings for 25 years!

Today Mike loves filling in weekends and evenings on ‘the soul of Southern California, 94.7 The WAVE.’

A native New Yorker, Mike received his Bachelor’s degree in sociology, African-American studies, and broadcasting from the State University of New York at Albany. 

With a family name that dates back 2500 years to Classical Greece, Mike was among the earliest personalities to use his long but musical ethnic name on the airwaves.

Perhaps, in the past, you’ve seen Mike on camera hosting pledge drives for Orange County’s Public Television station KOCE with actresses Meredith and Sheila MacRae and actors Greg Mullavey and Arte Johnson.

Besides huge audiences, Mike has been honored by the Radio and Television News Association of Los Angeles with the ‘Golden Mike Award’ for a special on school desegregation and a Marconi Award nomination by the National Association of Broadcasters for ‘air personality of the year.’

Mike has served on the Board and as Vice President of the Los Angeles American Federation of Television and Radio Artists representing broadcasters, actors, singers, dancers, and stunt persons. For seven years he worked to achieve the historic merger of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and AFTRA creating the world’s largest entertainers’ union.

Over the last decade, Mike’s IMDb resume includes many television and film roles at times working side-by-side such stars like Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams. He has also acted in television commercials, and he has given his time to U.S.C. and American Film Institute student productions.

Recently, Mike stood-in for his friend, TV weatherman Fritz Coleman, as MC of the Soka University of America Patrons fundraising dinner. Nearly a million dollars were raised in one night to subsidize students’ liberal arts education!

Currently, Mike is on the Board of Directors for the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters working to honor performers and preserve the heritage of radio, television, and film. 

It’s something near and dear to him, just like the heritage, the staying power, and you who listen and enjoy “The WAVE.”

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