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Well, I am Talaya. My Dad gave me this name which I love, although can be a bit difficult for many to pronounce.  Just think papaya or jambalaya and you’ve got it.

I have been in radio since the previous century!  Celebrating my 31st year with The Wave (go ahead and do the math) first and foremost I am grateful to you the listener, for making my job a breeze.  One of the reasons I got into radio was knowing that music brings the world together and that, in itself gives me much joy. Plus singing in a band and waiting for the club owner to pay you at 3 am just was no fun while radio gave me much better hours and a solid paycheck.  Hee Hee!

I am from the beautiful state of New Mexico and moved to San Francisco to attend San Francisco State University to study Broadcasting after volunteering for a few years in college radio. It took me getting away from New Mexico to be able to appreciate its pure unadulterated charm. Hey “Breaking Bad” was filmed there and Netflix just opened up a production hub in Albuquerque.   Cool!

Living in the amazing city of San Francisco I was able to get my dream job at radio station KRE in Berkeley playing Jazz and Latin Jazz.  Format got tweaked a bit and call letters were changed to KBLX “The Quiet Storm” and I was offered the full-time shift during the midday.  Success was big and bold and I was offered the same gig, but here in The City of Angels at KUTE which was changing to “The Quiet Storm”.  Following that I worked briefly at KNX FM, K-Ocean and eventually here at “The Wave”. 

I do Voice Over in English and Spanish and have done promos for Fox Sports and CBS TV. You can also hear my Spanish Announcements on the Metro. I am also a proud member of SAG/AFTRA and on the National Broadcast Steering Committee making sure my fellow broadcasters are treated with respect and are able to keep those good contracts.

I have been the Voice of God (a fancy term for Off Stage Announcer) for the SAG Awards, The Imagen Awards and the Los Angeles Theater Center Annual Gala.

Singing with the Millennium Choir for the Vatican at the turn of the Century and on Grammy Award winning Evanescense’s first two projects has been able to satisfy my creative spirit.  I also have a small line of handmade jewelry of which I call Talaya Designs.

And not wanting to show off, but I have a few awards.  A GENII Award, National Hispanic Media Coalition Award and special recognitions from the Los Angeles County and City Board of Supervisors, including an Angelus Award.  Thanks to all!

I am so honored and humbled to be able to donate and volunteer for various nonprofits like Juvenile Diabetes, Breast Cancer Awareness and emceeing the annual High Hopes Head Injury Benefit Concert in Newport Beach, among others.

I am an avid recycler and my concern for the environment makes those around me crazy, but makes me feel good.

My husband and I have two adult children and five grandchildren (googie heads) and my family keeps me grounded, because being On the Air on a daily basis can easily put me in the clouds and not sure I need to stay there at this point of my life.

Radio?  I love it!

Things I Love:

Foreign films, sci-fi and psycho thrillers

My favorite Christmas film is “Dr. Zhivago”  (must be the ice palace)

Beer (although I think I have acquired an intolerance to it because I turn beet red after just one sip so I am not drinking much beer these days)

Not much of a wine drinker but an Argentinian Malbec is pretty awesome

To celebrate life on a daily basis

My grandchildren

New Mexican food, Thai food, sushi…almost anything crazy exotic



Traveling and particularly to warm steamy beaches because I love the ocean

I get the judge thing now that I have grown an interesting admiration for Judge Judy

Walking and kickboxing

I love dogs

I hate popcorn and candy canes

I love jazz

I love love

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