Destination: Bahamas with Exec Director of Sandals Foundation Heidi Clark

Tuesday, September 24th

This time, Deborah Howell sits down with the Executive Director of the Sandals Foundation, Heidi Clark,  to talk about recovery efforts in the Bahamas in the wake of Hurricane Dorian. Ms. Clark explains that while there is devastation in the northern islands, the Southern Bahamas were untouched and are now mobilized to help their brothers and sisters who've lost everything.

She also reminds us that without tourism, these islands can't survive, so one of the best ways to help is to book your next vacation in the awesome islands called the Bahamas. Heidi gives us plenty of reasons to do that--from the turquoise waters to the lovely Bahamian people to the conk-cuisine to the water sports--including swimming with pigs! 

Kindly consider a Bahamas vacation and a donation to  

It will make a world of difference.