Pat Prescott Talks To Kanae Houston From Hell's Kitchen

Thursday, December 6th

Southern California has someone to cheer for in the 18th season of Hell’s Kitchen. There’s a new twist this season: pitting the veterans against the rookies. One of those rookies is Kanae Houston, an African American female chef from South Central LA who is on a mission to bring homemade, home cooked meals back into the homes of her community. Kanae is an alumni of LA Trade Tech where she studied Culinary Arts while working nights at any kitchen job she could get. She impressed people along the way and was encouraged to go for a spot on Hell’s Kitchen. So far it has been the experience of a lifetime for Kanae.

Since then she has started her own business, “Always Homemade LLC” and plans to do pop up cooking classes where she will teach people to make anything from scratch.

Check her out tomorrow night when it’s party time on the newest episode of Hell’s Kitchen 9pm on Fox 11 and follow her on social media @ChefKanaeHouston