Pat Prescott Talks RBRM with Bobby Brown

Thursday, September 6th

Bobby Brown has a lot to be excited about these days. On September 4th, BET debuts a new biopic that tells his life story and next week he’s reuniting with his best friends in the world for the RBRM Tour. The tour comes to the Citizen’s Business Bank Arena on Thursday September 6th. Bobby called in to the Wave’s morning show to talk about it all. The film is earning some early rave reviews for its honest transparency as it chronicles the ups and dance of a thoroughly interesting life. The show is more of what we’ve come to expect from Bobby and his cohorts who became famous as teenagers and despite branching off into successful solo and splinter group careers have remained the best of friends. They recapture all of that New Edition magic as they present their totally grown up selves at the show on Thursday.  RBRM will be joined by Faith Evans and Kid Capri. For tickets visit and to find out more about The Bobby Brown Story go to