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Hands For Hope

For 18 years Lydia Floyd has led the North Hollywood after school program Hands For Hope, the organization she started after being inspired by her own working...

The LA Reinvestment Foundation

Next Tuesday November 20th, thousands of Southern California’s less fortunate families will line up in advance at the Jackson Limousine Service parking lot to...

Omar Gooding

Je’Caryous Johnson is back with another hot stage play that has a star studded cast. I don’t think anyone says no to Je’Caryous. He’s teaming up with Snoop...

In A Booth At Chasen’s

On November 15, 1949, in Hollywood an up-and-coming young actress met a handsome movie star for dinner -- a blind date that changed history. Maggie McKay...

Pat Prescott Talks To Shelea

There nothing I like better than turning you on to new artists I love. That’s why I want you to meet Shelea. She’s a singer, songwriter, pianist, arranger and...