Black Lives Matter

Stan Johnson LMU

Justice Now Overtime: LMU Men's Basketball Coach Stan Johnson Talks About Social Injustices

In our first episode of Justice Now Overtime, Maggie McKay chats with Loyola Marymount University men's basketball coach Stan Johnson about social injustices.
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American Airlines Defends Employees Wearing 'Black Lives Matter' Pin

American Airlines defended employees who wore Black Lives Matters pin. “We are showing our support for our Black colleagues and customers who have experienced discrimination and injustice, not any particular organization,” said the company.
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Dolly Parton on Black Lives Matter: 'Do We Think Our Little White A**** Are the Only Ones That Matter? No!’

From making calls about safety protocols at Dollywood theme park to taking a stand for the Black Lives Matter movement, Dolly Parton takes a rare, public, political stance for the world to see.
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Justice Now Policing Solutions

JUSTICE NOW: Policing and Solutions with LAPD Chief Moore, Danny Bakewell, and More

Episode 3 focuses on Policing and Solutions with LAPD Chief Michael Moore, Danny Bakewell, Paula Madison, and Dr. Erroll G. Southers.
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'The Simpsons' and 'Family Guy' Will No Longer Have White Actors Voicing Non-White Characters

’The Simpsons’ and ‘Family Guys’ are making some necessary changes. Fox, the network home of the long-running sitcoms, announced on Friday that it would begin to diversify casting for non-white characters. Read on.
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Ariana Grande's Promotion of Local Black-Owned Coffee Shop Leads to Wide Spread Support

Los Angeles based coffee shop, The South LA Cafe, has been experiencing a surge of customers after Ariana Grande shared an Instagram story of her coffee order from the local cafe.
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12-Year-Old Lands Record Deal with George Floyd Tribute 'I JUST WANNA LIVE,' With Proceeds Going To the NAACP

As a fitting celebration of Juneteenth, only two weeks after Keedron Bryant’s “I JUST WANNA LIVE” video went viral, the young Gospel singer has officially signed a deal with Warner Records for the song’s official release.
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'This Is Us’ Star Lonnie Chavis, 12, Pens Powerful Essay on His Experiences With Racism

“This Is Us” actor Lonnie Chavis penned a powerful and emotional essay on detailing what it’s like to be Black in America in 2020. Chavis plays young Randall Pearson on the NBC drama. Read his piece now.
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Six Moments of Historically Black Imagery Featured in Beyoncé's Music Videos

We have put together a gallery of just some of Beyoncé’s music videos to showcase her continual work to promote Black excellence, Black culture, and Black history.
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Juneteenth: Why the 155-Year-Old Holiday Is Now in the Spotlight, Amid ‘Black Lives Matter' Protest

From Tulsa, Oklahoma to Montgomery, Alabama, Juneteenth represents freedom and symbolizes the hazards and hopes of Black America throughout the years. It is not a national federal holiday, but the possibility looks promising.
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