Geffen Playhouse

Maggie McKay reviews Witch at The Geffen

Witch is both funny and thought provoking. The new play is written by Jen Silverman, inspired by The Witch of Edmonton by Rowley, Dekker and Ford. It's about what would happen if the devil (who happens to be a handsome young man, not a red horned scary devil) arrived in a small village offering the...
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Maggie McKay Reviews 'Mysterious Circumstances' at the Geffen Playhouse

Whether you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes stories or not this new play at the Geffen Playhouse in Westwood will leave you thinking ....whaaaaat?
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Maggie McKay Reviews 'Invisible Tango' at the Geffen Playhouse

Invisible Tango is a must see especially if you're into sleight of hand magic and love trying to solve problems which seemingly have no solutions. Helder Guimaraes is a master magician who makes you see things differently now at the Geffen Theater.
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