Hollywood Pantages

Deborah Howell Reviews "Jesus Christ Superstar" At The Hollywood Pantages

So naturally, I was curious to see if those songs still held their magic now that I’m all grown up and had been invited to witness the musical for the very first time. Turns out, The Hollywood Pantages was positively buzzing with an audience brimming with fellow “Superstar” super-fanatics. How, in...
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CATS at Pantages Theatre


I’m a devoted cat mommy. Can’t count how many of these fabulous felines I’ve been privileged to call my fur babies over the years, but it’s a lot. But the last time I saw the theatre production of CATS was in New York long before I was a card-carrying “crazy cat lady.” So I was intrigued to see if...
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Pat Prescott Talks 'Aladdin' With Michael James Scott

Michael James Scott brings a whole lot of star power to the role of the Genie.
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'Aladdin' Astounds At the Hollywood Pantages Theatre!

It sparkled, it glittered, it exploded, it soared, it sequinned, it blew all of our minds on Opening Night. IT.....is the Disney Theatrical production of 'Aladdin!'
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